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A life coach specializing in guiding & mentoring officers through life’s critical stages

John Kelly is a thirty-year veteran of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, one of the largest sheriff’s offices in the country. John has been fortunate enough to have worked in and supervised the following units: Patrol, Investigations, K-9, Training, and for the past six years, the Motorcycle Unit. John has been involved in numerous critical incidents during his career. Early on, he was involved in a life changing fight for his life. Fresh out of the academy, John found himself in hand-to-hand combat with an armed, drug dealing, career criminal. This baptism of violence has contributed greatly in shaping John's passion and dedication to winning and realizing that we are responsible for our own survival and success.


During his career, John has been tasked with the development and implementation of numerous tactical programs and initiatives. He has had tremendous success in creating a positive and lasting shift in the mindset of those he has stood before. John has received countless awards and honors during his career. The vast majority of those incidents had a recurring theme: John placing himself in harm's way so that others may live, running towards danger, fully aware of the potential consequences. 


Like you, John wouldn’t have had it any other way. John’s most recent assignment required him to work closely with the United States Secret Service, providing instruction and assistance for presidential motorcades and related dignitary movements. John is well known for his ability to educate and motivate without losing the importance of the mission at hand, as well as the priority and importance of being accountable to each other.


John’s educational background is a never-ending work in progress. John received his BA from Norwich University, the oldest military college in the nation. He received his MBA from Phoenix University, and is currently pursuing his life coaching accreditation from the International Coach Federation. John is an avid reader and is always looking to expand his base of knowledge. John is also a member of the 100 Club of Volusia County, an organization that provides financial assistance to first responders who have died in the line of duty.

John is looking forward to retirement at the end of December 2020, and launching his Law Enforcement Life Coaching program. John lives on an island just south of Saint Augustine with his wife Nicol of 25 years, Briana his daughter, and Mr. Wallace his bullmastiff.


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Founder, LELC

    Over the past thirty years I have been blessed to have known some of the most dedicated , passionate , competent law enforcement professionals in the business. I owe my life to several people in particular, for without their caring,  I cease to exist. Sgt Ray Lewis & Sgt Jim Twiss god rest his soul,  checked me and my out of control drinking. Beyond that they allowed me to go to my AA meetings on duty . They knew I was committed  to sobriety . They did everything they could to support me.

    Ret. Deputy Steve Corless and Ret. Lt Dennis Additon displayed passion and concern and didn't allow me to throw away my family. One early morning (3am) after breakfast at the IHOP Corless asked me some very tough, no bullshit questions knowing I was struggling in my marriage. Steve knew me and he knew that if I didn't commit to my family he would likely be burying his friend in six months.

    Additon opened up his home to me knowing that he'd rather me stay with him and his family, then the alternative I was exploring. Both these Alpha's opened up their hearts for a brother that was in need.  The common denominator between all these men was that they cared about someone other than themselves. They were there in my darkest hour and for that and many other reasons I am forever grateful and blessed to be able to call them brothers.

This is my why!

If not me than who? If not you then who? Sometimes Heroes Need Help


  • BA Norwich University

  • MBA Phoenix University


State of Florida High Liability Instructor in the area of:

  • Firearms,

  • Defensive Tactics,

  • Driving

  • Motorcycle Operations.  

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