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"Sometimes Heroes Need Help" - Sgt. John Kelly Ret.

John has dedicated his entire life to making sure that those he serves are empowered, protected, and committed to the pursuit of excellence. It was during his time in training that he realized there was a missing piece to the puzzle, that was holding back those he served from truly experiencing and realizing all that life had to offer. The obstacle was obvious, and yet it had been allowed to go unchecked.  How can we expect those tasked with protecting and serving the community to perform at the highest level of competency and professionalism when their personal lives are in turmoil? How can an officer or deputy be placed in a critical incident and be expected to make the right decisions while they are experiencing their own personal critical incident? John has established himself as a man of direction, guidance, reassurance, and trust that is needed during these challenging times. John has developed a program to address these concerns in a meaningful, no-nonsense approach to establishing lasting progress.


There has never been a shortage of employer assistance programs available to the employee. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that these programs are often offered too little, too late. These programs are designed with a primary intent to reduce agency liability and secondly, to assist the employee. These programs of assistance are offered once the employee's situation can no longer be ignored, and reaches a level of unmanageability. Employees are directed to seek counseling and assistance. If they do not, they are punished or in some cases, terminated. These services and programs are available for every employee prior to the employees situation requiring the agencies involvement. The employee doesn't take advantage of this assistance during his or her time of need for several reasons. Simply stated, the employees lack of knowledge, trust, and honesty, prevent early intervention. We have developed a coping mechanism in our profession that actually does more harm than good. We have developed the ability to rationalize unacceptable behavior, both from within ourselves and from one another. We dismiss that which needs immediate attention and convince ourselves that the problem is of someone else’s making. The second issue is one inherent to the profession, distrust of those on the outside. Trust is not easily obtained and there are very few people outside this profession that have the ability to open that door; John's record speaks for itself. There can be no progress without honesty and trust. Removing the perceived stigma associated with asking for help is what John does. His ability to understand the real issues facing our men and women in law enforcement is what sets him apart from all other coaches and motivational speakers. John has struggled with addiction, financial uncertainty, marital issues, and physical challenges. John rips open his life, peeling back the surface, exposing the man for all his faults, weaknesses, and issues. John becomes immediately relatable in that moment and provides to those he teaches a roadmap to deal with all the challenges life presents us.


John’s unique approach of addressing the whole of the person has allowed him to thrive in an environment where most are still struggling. It is crucial to address all aspects of our lives in order to experience a passionate and rewarding life. Addressing the personal, professional, financial, and physical health of the individual is the key to establishing lasting progress. John is living proof that you can have it all. With hard work and a commitment to being better today than you were yesterday, obstacles become opportunities. John is the coach that can provide you with the correct guidance and direction to give you the ability to overcome all obstacles life throws at you with confidence and purpose.




Life Coaching Seminar

The benefits to the agency are real and measurable. Enlisting Johns services is more than a proactive measure in reducing  liability. Enlisting John's services is a substantive  commitment to your troops.  The message you are sending is clear, that you understand the challenges they face and want to do whatever it takes to help them win in all areas of their lives. Addressing the whole of the persons the focus of this seminar. Tools and techniques are discussed to address the personal, professional, financial, physical and mental health of the individual. Difficult topics that impact your troops are discussed. We need to start the conversation if we are to ever begin to address issues like suicide and PTSD. Be part of the solution!

1 - on - 1

Law Enforcement life coaching

Programs are custom tailored to the individual. We can team up to address an area already identified. More likely we can dig deep to overcome challenges that have been creating difficult situations you want help in dealing with. Click on the link below so that we can take the next step together. 

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